Nux Vomica​/​Kakistocracy 7" Split

by Nux Vomica

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john billings
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john billings I've been a fan since their early "Wake Up On Fire" days...They simply crush crumple, and desssstroyyy on this 7"... The song "Empty Out The Parking Meters" is SUCH a rager, man, it builds up slow then gains speed and lurche's into a crunching anthem; I can't sit still and tap my foot; I jump off furniture and stomp around my home like a man possessed!! EVERYTHING they've done is golden, but this is a phenomenal split, because Kakistocracy are no slouches themselves
  • Nux Vomica/Kakistocracy 7" Split

    Track List:

    Side A Nux Vomica
    Empty Out The Parking Meters

    Side B Kakistocracy
    Counting The Rings On A Tree Recently Felled

    Sold Out


released January 1, 2008



Nux Vomica Portland, Oregon

Formed in 2003, Nux Vomica was spawned in Baltimore as a side project of Wake Up On Fire. The original idea was to have a more stripped-down crust/metal sound, getting away from the lengthy epic doom-heavy sound of WUOF. Chris Control, Tim Messing, and Just Dave shared both bands until WUOF’s demise at the end of 2004. ... more

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