Nux Vomica/ Wake Up On Fire Split 12"

by Nux Vomica

  • Nux Vomica/ Wake Up On Fire Split 12"

    Side A: Wake Up On Fire

    Stay Out Of The World
    Stress By Design / Crazy Ole Bossman

    Side B: Nux Vomica

    When The Bombs Hit The Ground
    Drunk On Freedom

    Sold Out


released May 16, 2017



Nux Vomica Portland, Oregon

Formed in 2003, Nux Vomica was spawned in Baltimore as a side project of Wake Up On Fire. The original idea was to have a more stripped-down crust/metal sound, getting away from the lengthy epic doom-heavy sound of WUOF. Chris Control, Tim Messing, and Just Dave shared both bands until WUOF’s demise at the end of 2004. ... more

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