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Nux Vomica

by Nux Vomica

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bcb723 This album is a reminder of why I am a fan of metal music in general. Something like Nux Vomica's self-titled release is so creatively inspiring with its winding, multi-part complex compositions and true soul of artistic, epic fucking metal. Completely & beautifully ahead of its time & unbelievably underrated. Be sure to seek out this album's spiritual follow up: Tim Messing as Rotting Sky's "Sedation" which is equally experimental and devastating, just in a different psychological way. Favorite track: Choked at the Roots.
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cnicholas1349 Any release coming from Nux Vomica has resulted in me blown away with my jaw on the floor in awe. I hate that my introduction to this band was shortly after they broke-up. It's a crime to think no more releases or live shows will come from this project. Favorite track: Choked at the Roots.
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naura These are brilliantly constructed and endlessly listenable tracks. One of the best albums of the teens for sure. Favorite track: Choked at the Roots.
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SANITY IS FOR THE PASSIVE The sky is turning brown and the trees are shriveling up Pollutants are rising, colliding, and raining down We thought the end would be aflame, with deadly shrieks of pain We thought the fury would pour straight from our very souls And the bastards' heads would stare down from the tops of poles But we started at the end We started at the end... Unwittingly, we mimic society With our sub-sects, genres, and in-fighting Not realizing that our constant agitation Has roots in our need for transient migration To exist like this is a constant struggle And sanity is a state of mind reserved for the passive We stopped watching the news 'cause we couldn't take it anymore We've been a plague upon this earth since a long long time ago We try and try to stop the tide, but we know we're all doomed We're drowning in our own confusion, reaching for the moon We squirm and twitch as our nature persists Telling us we can't live this way, we must resist We're dreamers, wide awake amid comfortably sleeping sheep Lazy grazers, passively placid, constantly telling us "Rest your head, you worry too much"... I woke up in a cold sweat from a dream that has come true The end times are upon us and there's nothing we can do We're pollinating hatred at a rate the bees can't match And the Devil's mouth is open and we're going down the hatch Apocalyptic nightmares seem so quaint compared to this A creeping, slow decay of life which we all seemed to miss And what we miss is always all that nature seems to catch We've ripped the earth wide open and we're going down the hatch The padlock on the gates of hell hangs from a rusty slot And keeping that thing locked seems like the only chance we've got But we invented hell and that's why we're the key that turns the latch And the Devil's mouth's wide open and we're going down the hatch Why do we participate so willingly? A dependent stain In our isolation We remain reluctant, fawning parasites Rising, colliding, and raining down
Reeling 11:52
REELING There's a man who's wondering if he'll make it to next week. His telephone is ringing. Two years on the wagon, His life was back on track, but now he's caved, a terminal slave to the horizontal rain that streaks through the recesses of his saturated brain. A cold wind curls off the inside of his skull as he stares at the ceiling, senses reeling, lost all feeling... Just another twist of another cap, and it's a step closer to the end of being trapped in the prison of a life dripped on by the slow trickle of a gutter clogged with filthy remnants of hopes and dreams. A life polluted by the weight of the world. A man once vibrant with a sense of self-worth with a sense of humor with a sense of freedom. A man with a vision of a place where he would place his puzzle piece. But this puzzle got left out in the rain And pieces missing Got soaked and frayed. So he cracks another to drown the pain. What drives a person to this point? Divorced and ditched, and divorced from the life of the past. Linked to addiction like a fucking curse. Handcuffed to a slowly sinking car. Sinking. Sinking for years. There he is on the floor. His telephone stopped ringing.
CHOKED AT THE ROOTS Seeds were planted long ago - mistrust Our natural instincts choked at the roots Love, sharing, compassion - we lost Overgrown by fear, greed and envy So while we learned to cultivate and sow We also learned to fight and kill And the blood began to flow Unchecked desires for power and control Became the dominant forces in our world We know what's right or wrong Without having to stop and think And we know when we've done wrong If we listen to our instincts Yet we tear apart what's good And dissect with prejudice So many positive things Distracted by the noise, we spend our time collecting toys Instinct becomes skewed, atrophied from lack of use The deadening of instinct creates creatures emotionally weak We are spinning out of control We've got our life support in a chokehold Soon the time will come That we face up to what we've done Disconnected from our normal state We let the tension turn to hate Beaten down by all the stress We can't afford true happiness Smart enough to see the truth But out of touch with primal roots Taught to see a certain way And to ignore what we can't see Now the time has come That we face up to what we've done The final war that won't be won Will be waged without a gun Without a gun Armageddon It won't be god It will be us Now we see a world society Dominated by poisoned thinking The signs are all around us that most people don't want this But it's accepted that's the way things are And no one is normal in this environment And no one is healthy with this mental bombardment And so we're destroying ourselves When the judgement comes It won't be god, it will be us Reflected in a pool of oily blood A murky, shadowy, fractured image Of what we know We could be


Portland, OR's underground crust miscreants NUX VOMICA unleash their Relapse Records debut and first full-length album in over 5 years. Blending the suffocating atmospherics of doom / sludge with the raw ferocity of black metal, punk and d-beat, NUX VOMICA construct an organic heaviness caught somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. Their self-titled LP is a 3 song, 40+ minute emotional odyssey into the depths of human darkness. A flawless combination of epic song structures with crushing melodies and colossal riffs with powerful dynamics, NUX VOMICA is a truly captivating listening experience that will appeal to fans of anything extreme.


released April 1, 2014

Relapse Records 2014


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Nux Vomica Portland, Oregon

Formed in 2003, Nux Vomica was spawned in Baltimore as a side project of Wake Up On Fire. The original idea was to have a more stripped-down crust/metal sound, getting away from the lengthy epic doom-heavy sound of WUOF. Chris Control, Tim Messing, and Just Dave shared both bands until WUOF’s demise at the end of 2004. ... more

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